The Journey to Home Ownership

My wife and I are starting the home buying process. And by “starting the home buying process,” of course I mean we’ve been watching House Hunters, Property Brothers, Designed to Sell, Property Virgins, Love it or List it (original and “too”), Million Dollar Listing, and the occasional Say Yes to the Dress to remind ourselves that we just got married and our lives aren’t “totally” about finding our first home. To that point, we also watch Cesar Milan to remind ourselves to be good dog parents and occasionally, I get to watch some hockey or football on TV to remind myself that if I watch nothing but renovation or animal shows, I will lose my mind. But, to my original point, we are starting to talk about actually what it would take to buy a home.

In reality, we are a few steps beyond just watching the design and renovation shows on HGTV. We have met with a lender my parents use who seems to want to help us out. We are going to meet with a Realtor we like whom my wife has known for some time through her Young Professionals group. Everything is falling into place, and we are really trying to figure out what it takes to become first time home buyers.

Beyond getting together the initial lump sum of money together, my wife and I are going back and forth on Trulia and websites picking out houses in our price range that we both like. For us, we have a similar idea of what we both want, which makes this part of the process a whole lot easier. I cringe when I watch those HGTV shows where the husband and wife have two completely different ideas of what they want.

Usually it goes like this.

She wants something with any one of these key words: modern, turn-key, kid-friendly, chic, walk-in, updated …with a view.

He wants something with any one of these key words: craftsman, fixer-upper, rustic, vintage, floor-plan, yard for my “insert outdoor project.”

My wife and I are looking for something relatively modern, with an updated kitchen, walk in closet (more for her) and fenced in yard. Other than those items, we both have a few things on our wish list. She wants vaulted ceilings in the living room, I’d prefer 3 bedrooms to 4.

Anyway, my idea is to detail our journey from renters to owners over the course of this summer. We have a good group of friends who have recently bought homes around the price range we’re looking at, so we feel somewhat prepared for what the next couple of months will bring.

Here is kind of where we are at in the process (and if anyone reading this has any insight or helpful advice for us, please let me know!):

  • Met with lender and have been pre-approved
  • Attending open houses to get a feel for design, cost and locations we like
  • Set to meet with Realtor to describe what we are looking for and time frame (looking to buy in about 4-6 months)
  • Starting to push for aggressive saving’s plan over next 4-6 months
  • Learning about closing costs, Fannie and Freddie, escrow and a whole list of new words so to hopefully limit the amount of up-front costs and hopefully get a good deal when we eventually buy

I don’t know what the next steps will be, but I hope to learn more about this process and pass on whatever it is I gain from this experience. It’s crazy to think that in 9 months I can get married and buy a house, but I guess that’s what happens when you finally grow up. 

Right now I am anxious, excited, nervous and ready to move forward with this process. I know I am beginning something big, and I only hope that the payoff is worth the trouble, but in my heart of hearts, I know it will be.