How to be an Expert

There are all kinds of experts in the world: expert lawyers, expert analyzers, bowlers, skiers and writers. Some experts are so good at what they do they don’t even have to have the world “expert” in their title. Foodies, techies, and all other sorts of whizzes, wunderkinds, prodigies, “-istas” and phenoms all excel at one specific thing.

But what really makes someone an “expert?” Does it mean they had to go to school for 25 years and listen to every single lecture from anyone who has ever had a thought about a particular trade? Is an expert someone who has done something more than anyone else has ever done it before?

I think a lot of people are intimidated to do something because they don’t think they’re accredited or, for lack of a better word, worthy to do something.  I think people settle into mediocre roles in companies because 1. they’re comfortable and afraid of change, and 2. they don’t think they’re good/smart/ready to make a move up in life.

I think an expert is someone who has confidence to do something that is a little out of their comfort zone enough times that they learn how to adapt. I don’t think a degree makes someone an expert, rather I think it sets them on their way to becoming one, provided they keep the drive and passion to continue learning and testing whatever it is they’re seeking to master.

In short, to be an expert you just have to believe you can be and do whatever you can to make it happen. If I am going to master creating a business and better life for myself and my family, then I am not going to get there by wishing it into existence, but rather doing, failing, learning and improving every day.


Author: ryanjrauch

I am not here to change the world. I am here to change my world.

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