Why I Run

My favorite thing to do is run. No. My favorite thing to do it eat, sleep, play with my dog, love on my wife, golf, play poker, travel, drink, read (lies!), watch football and make up inventions in my head. But for the sake of this post, lets say my favorite thing to do is run.

Actually, all kidding aside, I really do love to run. For me it’s the best place to clear my head. No matter what is stressing me out or what I have to do later, I know that if I get out and do 3 miles I am going to go somewhere else mentally. And I need that.

I need it because it’s “my space.” I don’t need it because I am escaping anything or have to get away. I need it because it’s where I connect with myself the best.

Things you get to see at 6:00 am.m running.
Things you get to see at 6:00 a.m running.

My wife hates running. She loves races and the idea of running. She likes looking the part more so than the act. And for what it’s worth, I love that she likes looking the part because she looks a lot better in tight pants than I do so better her than me, right?

Yesterday, I signed up for the Cleveland Rock and Roll Half-Marathon. It will be the first distance race I have done outside of Columbus and I am excited for it. I don’t know that I will PR or even be happy with what my time is, but that’s not what it’s about for me. I like seeing the people cheer, and picking someone out who is ahead of me and trying to catch them, but I also like the 3 months before a race where I am working towards something. I like getting a new pair of shoes and making a playlist for the event, but I also like looking back at the Saturday’s I got up at 6am to be outside when everyone else is asleep.

Running is satisfaction. Running is dedication Running is youthful. Running lets me be myself and I don’t care if someone in a car driving by sees me singing and air-drumming because they’re already gone and I get to keep on going.

So this weekend marks 12 weeks until the race and that’s when I begin tracking my miles and making progress; 12 weeks until I take on a new city and a new challenge.

I run because it allows me to be the best version of me.